As a leading shipyard services provider in Indonesia, we have earned a successful reputation for delivering technical strength in supporting the mining and plantation industries, among others. Bringing together teams of highly skilled workforce, with quality waterfront infrastructure and commitment to provide exceptional customer service have shaped us as one of the top shipyard in the country.









  • 01
    new ship building






    We are more than capable to meet requirements in building high-quality Tug Boat, Barge, Landing Craft Tank (LCT) Ship, Self-Propeller Oil Barge (SPOB) Ship and Tanker, General Cargo, and other kinds of ship to meet the demands of our client operational challenges.
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    ship repair

    We serve a wide range of ship repair and maintenance works, from blasting & painting, mechanical electrical, to side hull and piping system repair, among others. Our shipyard offers jetty with lay-by facilities for large vessels with a large yard area, heavy lift crane capacity and a fully equipped workshop operated by skillful staff.

  • 03
    general fabrication

    Having our excellent cutting, bending and welding capabilities, we are able to fabricate and manufacture top grade industrial structures and tools, such as grab bucket and lamp tower, to meet the needs of shipping or other industries.