As an Indonesian shipbuilder, repair and fabrication specialist, we have been making a proud history of quality-driven craftsmanship and marine engineering since our involvement in the industry in 2013. With far-reaching capabilities from our 30-hectare shipyard facility in Kalimantan, which is one of the central points of shipping activity in Indonesia, we combined reliable shipyard services and world-class technology to provide ship owners, governments and industries with all the precision skills needed to help them achieve success with their marine vessel.










To support all business units of KPP Group and others in the field of repair and construction of ships with world class standard.






  • To improve growth and maximize values for stakeholders.
  • To provide the best quality product and service safely for our costumer with the use of efficient business processes, highly-skilled people, advanced technologies and equipment, and is able to deliver on time.
  • To create worthwhile and challenging job opportunity to as many Indonesians as possible and also with continues personal of developmentof employees.
  • To provide a safe and environment friendly workplace. 

  • To fulfill our corporate social responsibilities in the communities we operate.